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Frédéric BiraultCoiffeur

Biographie de Frédéric Birault

Mylène Farmer / Annuaire / Birault Frederic
Date de naissance :
(39 ans)

Discovering his taste for delicate hair touch and delightful sparkling colours, hairstyling imposed itself to him quite naturally. Therefore, totally devoting himself to this activity and obviously very talented, he settled in Paris in 2001.

Less than a year later, just about in his twenties, he was singled out by John Nollet – known as the most glamorous and fashionable hair stylist of the French capital, the inspired creator of Amélie Poulain’s square haircut, actresses’ and directors’ friend. During five years, Frédéric acted as his mentor’s assistant. They worked side by side, from movies to fashion shootings, big events and famous Festivals…. John Nollet went as far as entrusting him with Monica Bellucci’s, Vanessa Paradis’s hair, and more…

Thanks to day in day out training, he gained confidence and strengthened his talent. Vanessa Paradis trusted him when she acted in « Mon Ange » and in « Atomic Circus ». He invented done-undone hairstyles as well as haircuts for trendy magazines.

Today, Fréréric Birault has soared up. Between Paris and New-York, wherever his dreams carry him and wherever his talent is required, he develops his incredible ability to propose rather than impose, to adopt other people’s views and enhance them.

This handsome young man has the long golden fingers of a painter, a sculptor and of a hairdresser of course. He takes great pleasure in touching, taming women’s hair and in so doing he expresses his talents to the full. His creativity feeds on the personality of those he works with and starting from their dreams, his hands conjure up ever renewed creations full of harmony and beauty.

Lien(s) avec la carrière de Mylène

Coiffeur de Mylène Farmer sur la tournée "Tournée 2009".
Coiffure pour la pochette du single "Oui mais... non" (2010).
Coiffure (postiche) pour la pochette de l'album "Monkey Me" (2012).
Coiffeur de Mylène Farmer sur la tournée "Timeless 2013".

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Frédéric Birault / Coiffeur - 26/12/2011 - Caroline Langlois pour

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