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MadeleineChanson de Headmess (1994)

Paroles : Henry Biggs - Musique :
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Paroles de Madeleine

All alone in a park on a bench in the dark
gone to the wind to the rain not a spark
of life flickers from these eyes, these eyes
memories of innocence caked and pasted with lies
nothing brings me back to innocence any more
except you my little whore vacant and worn
in you she comes back and I’m safe and warm
tasting you I’m back again
dipped in sin, sweet Madeleine

Madeleine (Turn me on)

Madeleine to lick your skin
is to take a trip to way back when
to love-to love
the stuff that dreams of love are made of
to her, to a smile, to stare, a caress
to a future hoped for, hoped for yes
and in you she’s before me in you sultry silky
in you lips run o’er me in you soft and milky
tasting you I’m back again dipped in sin,
sweet Madeleine


Madeleine it never lasts
the present past is passing fast
staring desperately at the peeling ceiling
I try to guard that fleeting feeling
but it fades and jades and withering blooms
eroding back to this festering room
over, done, I pay, I go
and wander back down through the streets below
aimlessly back to a bench in a park
I plant myself alone in the dark
but tasting you, I’ll be back again sweet Madeleine

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