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To build a harmonyChanson de Headmess (1994)

Paroles : Henry Biggs - Musique :
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Paroles de To build a harmony

Red orange white black yellow
we gotta rock ’n’ roll under the same umbrella
think for a second what the world would be like
if you painted everybody black and white
I tell you straight up it’d be a disaster
if we was all black as tar or as white as Alaska
ain’t but shame in that game takes a damn fool
to bring that noise we gotta get with the schedule
cuz yo bro you know ain’t nothin’ duller
than every other brother steppin in the same color
variety is the sweet spice of life
I need every color to kick up a sweet vibe

Gonna take some of you ’n’ me if we gonna build a harmony

How you make a harmony Mr. Johnny one-note
your groove don’t move jus’ sounds like the record’s broke
we need every style yo every shade of soul
take away your colors ’n’ who’s Michelangelo
a one-brush maestro with one-tone grease
how you gonna paint you a one-colored masterpiece
look at nature make her make the rain go
dancing to the jazz of a one-colored rainbow
the leaves on the trees they change with the seasons
it’s done for a reason, every color is pleasin’
get righteous try this flow don’t lose it
gotta come strong and make that colorful music


if you racist face this your noise is played out
don’t dig it you a bigot and you can just f-f-fade out
I know it used to be way back in the days
some colors was free while others had to be slaves
but that don’t play today and I’m tellin you Jack
you don’t think that way cuz you smarter than that
this beat’s for sweet harmony ’n’ you just plain ignorant
if you think it’s all about another brother’s pigment
so come strong get it on ’n’ get it together
spread your wings and fly like birds of a feather
let’s take the sweet in you and the charm in me and let’s put ’em together make us a little harmony


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