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Les mots (Paroles)Inspirations de Mylène Farmer

Emily Dickinson

  • Poèmes (éditions Belin)
    He put the Belt around my life -
    I heard the Buckle snap -
    And turned away, imperial,
    My lifetime folding up -
    Deliberate, as a Duke would do
    A Kingdom's Title Deed -
    Henceforth, a Dedicated sort -
    A Member of the Cloud.

    Yet not too far to come at call -
    And do the little Toils
    That make the Circuit of the Rest -
    And deal occasional smiles
    To lives that stoop to notice mine -
    And kindly ask it in -
    Whose invitation, know you not
    For Whom I must decline?
  • MF : Les mots
    Fixement, le ciel se tord
    Quand la bouche engendre un mort
    Là je donnerai ma vie pour t’entendre
    Te dire les mots, les plus tendres
    When all becomes all alone
    I’ll break my life for a song
    And to lives, that stoop to notice mine
    I know I will say goodbye
    But a fraction of this life
    I would give anything, anytime
  • Poèmes (éditions Belin)
    I'll tell you how the sun rose,--
    A ribbon at a time.
    The steeples swam in amethyst,
    The news like squirrels ran.
    The hills untied their bonnets,
    The bobolinks begun.
    Then I said softly to myself,
    "That must have been the sun!"
    But how he set, I know not.
    There seemed a purple stile
    Which little yellow boys and girls
    Were climbing all the while
    Till when they reached the other side,
    A dominie in gray
    Put gently up the evening bars,
    And led the flock away.
  • MF : Les mots
    If one swept the world away
    One could touch the universe
    I will tell you how the sun rose, how
    We could with a word become one
    Et pour tous ces mots qui blessent
    Il y a ceux qui nous caressent
    Qui illuminent, qui touchent l’infini
    Même si le néant existe
    For a fraction on this life, we
    Will give anything, anytime

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