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Looking for my name (Paroles)Inspirations de Mylène Farmer

Emily Dickinson

  • Nature - III - WHY?
    The murmur of a bee
    A witchcraft yieldeth me.
    If any ask me why,
    'T were easier to die
    Than tell.

    The red upon the hill
    Taketh away my will;
    If anybody sneer,
    Take care, for God is here,
    That's all.

    The breaking of the day
    Addeth to my degree;
    If any ask me how,
    Artist, who drew me so,
    Must tell!
  • MF : Looking for my name
    See the red upon the hill
    See the death looking at me
    I see no trace of you and me
    Little me
  • Nature - LXXXVI
    A LADY red upon the hill
    Her annual secret keeps;
    A lady white within the field
    In placid lily sleeps!

    The tidy breezes with their brooms
    Sweep vale, and hill, and tree!
    Prithee, my pretty housewives!
    Who may expected he?

    The neighbors do not yet suspect!
    The woods exchange a smile—
    Orchard, and buttercup, and bird—
    In such a little while!

    And yet how still the landscape stands,
    How nonchalant the wood,
    As if the resurrection
    Were nothing very odd!
  • MF : Looking for my name
    See the red upon the hill
    See the death looking at me
    I see no trace of you and me
    Little me
  • Nature - XXIV - The wind
    Of all the sounds despatched abroad,
    There's not a charge to me
    Like that old measure in the boughs,
    That phraseless melody

    The wind does, working like a hand
    Whose fingers brush the sky,
    Then quiver down, with tufts of tune
    Permitted gods and me.

    When winds go round and round in bands,
    And thrum upon the door,
    And birds take places overhead,
    To bear them orchestra,

    I crave him grace, of summer boughs,
    If such an outcast be,
    He never heard that fleshless chant
    Rise solemn in the tree,

    As if some caravan of sound
    On deserts, in the sky,
    Had broken rank,
    Then knit, and passed
    In seamless company.
  • MF : Looking for my name
    Whisper words of desire
    Take my hand, I’m standing there
    Our soul so close on paradise
    When winds go round and round
  • We pray — to Heaven
    We pray — to Heaven —
    We prate — of Heaven —
    Relate — when Neighbors die —
    At what o'clock to heaven — they fled —
    Who saw them — Wherefore fly?

    Is Heaven a Place — a Sky — a Tree?
    Location's narrow way is for Ourselves —
    Unto the Dead
    There's no Geography —

    But State — Endowal — Focus —
    Where — Omnipresence — fly?
  • MF : Looking for my name
    Is heaven a place ?
    Oh ! I see the moon
    I see no trace of you…
  • Louis Aragon

  • Les Adieux et autres poèmes
    C'est toi c'est lui que je regarde
    Et chaque pli de ta bouche et chaque ride au coin de tes yeux
    Ces obliques blessures de la durée
    C'est moi que je regarde en lui pour mieux
    Me retrouver et comment il se peut
    Que je me fasse en toi lui peu à peu
  • MF : Looking for my name
    Voir la blessure
    Oblique et dure

    Du temps…obstinément

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